Plenary lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Angel Terziev




Analysis of the possibilities for energy efficiency improvement of CHP power plants


Current positions

Assoc. Prof. at Technical University of Sofia

Consultant to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in preparation of EE and RE projects

Areas of Research

Applied fluid Mechanics, Two-phase flows and systems, CFD, Energy efficiency, Renewable energy sources

Professional Experience

  • Creating projects for renewable energy sources in Bulgaria and Western Balkans;
  • Preparation of Rational Energy Utilization Plans for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects;
  • Experience in performance of CFD studies of heat and mass transfer processes between liquid and liquid and solid bodies. Data processing and analysis.
  • Broad experience in leading team performing wind measurements on-site with meteorological tall towers. Wind data interpretation and wind resource assessment for complex terrains. Wind flow simulation over complex terrains and wind energy assessment. Wind turbine micro-sitting and wind farm performance improvement;

Other information

Author of over 20 scientific publications in specialized journals and 15 reports of international conferences related to the study of heat and mass transfer processes in two-phase flows; combustion of liquid fuels; renewable energy and energy efficiency. Specialized in Germany, Greece and Switzerland. International consultant on energy efficiency and renewable energy of EBRD.