Conference topics:

  • Telecommunications & Information;
  • Software Engineering;
  • Smart Grid, Power Electronics and Converters;
  • Renewable Energy and applied thermodynamics;
  • Management, Economic, leadership and Entrepreneurship;
  • Challenges in Global Education.


The scope of the conference includes, but is not limited to:

Integration of Information and Telecommunication Systems; Information Technology in Research and Development of Telecom Systems; Next Generation Networks; Wireless and Wireline Communications; Optical Communications and Networks; Multimedia Communications; Internet and New IP Services and Applications; Communication interfaces (M2M, B2M, H2H, …); Enterprise infrastructure and Applications; E-Systems; Mobile e-Health/Telemedicine; Mobile Terminal/Handsets and Operating Systems/Platforms; Telecommunication Network Management; Telecommunication Protocols; Information Processing and Security; Network Performances and Quality of Service; Software Development and Maintenance; Testing and Measurements; Improvements Methods and Models; Power Electronic Converters and control systems; Smart Grid Technology; Renewable energy Resources; Distributed generation and Grid Interconnection; Electric vehicles; Energy storage & battery charging techniques; FACTS & Custom power; Power Quality & EMI; Microgrid & Smartgrid, Energy policies & Standards; Wide band gap devices; Lighting Technology; Power electronic education; Environment, sustainability & risk management; Renewable energy/Alternative energy resources & storage; Thermal Design and Optimization; Thermodynamic Instrumentation; Financial and business performance; Business scenarios & strategic planning; Consumer dynamics; Economic indicators & forecasting; Innovation; Labor markets; Marketing & brand strategy; Urban, rural & regional economics; Developing strategic leadership capabilities; Leadership and management Styles; Leadership for sustainability; Leader’s role in innovation; Leading change and managing conflict; Leadership challenges – barriers to effective communications; Entrepreneurship and Sustainability; New Prospects in Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurial Marketing; Entrepreneurship and economic development; Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness; Educational technologies; Distance learning and E-learning; Mobile learning, cognitive support for learning; Impact of ICT on education and society; Contextual and cultural challenges in user mobility; Learning process of digital nationality; E-learning and M-learning function in higher education